HEraPorteka csemete or HEraMadeKids

About HEraPorteka csemete
Since I am a mother of three beautiful children and I always used to love making unique pieces of clothes for them, to be honest as I noticed they loved to wear their unique clothes even twice as more as I loved the making progress of these pieces. This pure happiness was always a good inspirational energy for creating new clothes for them.
Since they are upgrown young adults now for a while and my daughter started to telling me that “Mom my children are going to have so beautiful and cool clothes if you will create someting for them” I started to miss making baby and child clothes and she gave me a good idea, so I started to think about launching a new shop full of child items.
I only use materials like merino wool, cotton, linen, silk and bamboo because I consider taking care of our environment one of the most important issues of our world.
Because of the environment I truly pay attention to do not pile up tons of ready to ship items. I prefer making custom order items for two reasons, first is that I do not pile up tings, the second is that I can communicate with my clients and I can make true their wishes, and this process will end up in a real unique piece of clothing.
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