Era Hódi

I’m dreaming of textil.

My name is Era Hódi (HEra). I’m a Hungarian artisan and textile artist. I live with my family in a small town nearby Szeged, Hungary in the heart of Europe.
Since my childhood, I’ve been fascinated by the colors, folk motifs, mystical and mythical world of wonders. I make modern home furnishings and clothes for everyday wear ​​using traditional techniques and natural materials. They are made by pursuing those internal expectations of creating miracles by combining patterns and colors. My style is a little boho and romantic.
Nature gives me inspiration for creating the items. I love natural materials and I am fascinated with colours. I would like to express my passion of natural materials and colours through painting and crocheting.
I believe that handmade clothes and, jewelleries make us way more happier. Making handmade products results less waste. Our world remains cleaner and more livable for our children. Most of the pieces are personalized. In harmony with the creator’s professional knowledge and the customer’s needs. The making of one piece and the wearing of the completed
In long term it has a positive mental impact. I believe that we can make our world better if we buy handmade products.
I have two shops, one of them is the HEraMade/HEraPorteka and the other one is HEraPorteka csemete. I gladly welcome You in both of my shops.

I’m a team member of TAFA Textile Art Fiber Art (tafalist.com )

You can find my items on the links below:

HEraMade/HEraPorteka Eco-Fashion
My creations are all limited edition. Every piece is handmade from start to finish by me with care and love. Designed by the individual, elegant and sophisticated woman!
All my silk, linen, cotton creations are unique, hand painted silks – clothings, scarves, shawls, stoles, bags, purses, home textiles, etc.
– hand crocheted clothing and accessories in a boho, romantic and freeform of styles
– handmade jewelry – necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a boho, romantic of styles
Unique pieces may create a nice combination with each other.

& about HEraPorteka csemete
Since I am a mother of three beautiful children and I always used to love making unique pieces of clothes for them, to be honest as I noticed they loved to wear their unique clothes even twice as more as I loved the making progress of these pieces. This pure happiness was always a good inspirational energy for creating new clothes for them.
Since they are upgrown young adults now for a while and my daughter started to telling me that “Mom my children are going to have so beautiful and cool clothes if you will create someting for them” I started to miss making baby and child clothes and she gave me a good idea, so I started to think about launching a new shop full of child items.
I only use materials like merino wool, cotton, linen, silk and bamboo because I consider taking care of our environment one of the most important issues of our world.
Because of the environment I truly pay attention to do not pile up tons of ready to ship items. I prefer making custom order items for two reasons, first is that I do not pile up tings, the second is that I can communicate with my clients and I can make true their wishes, and this process will end up in a real unique piece of clothing.
HEra / Era Hódi
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